Bird Photography

Birds have always been one of the most interesting photography subjects. Due to large variety of species, their sizes, colors and living environments they provide endless inspiration to photographers all over the world. However, bird photography similarly to other wildlife demands some specific skills and equipment.

Because birds are very cautious and easy to scare away (unless you are shooting your mom’s parrot in its cage) you would need to use the longest lens possible. Professionals use 500mm to 600mm long lenses for this type of photography.

In order to get that perfect shot you may need to stay still waiting for a bird for quite long time. So, patience is the name of the game here. Some photographers even leave some bread or seeds in a place they are trying to attract birds to. Doing so for a few days may actually help a lot. One more thing to consider is that a bird will not be posing for your shot. You have to shoot as many frames as you can and then pick the good ones later.

And last but not least – try not to distract wildlife too much if you can. We have to be good to our mother Nature and she will be good to us. Happy shooting!

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