Canon vs Nikon rant

Yes, it’s that time. 🙂

As long as I remember myself, this was always going on. Canon or Nikon? Despite that these two are not the only players in the game. I’ve never heard Canon vs Sony or Nikon vs Olympus rants. Ever. Ain’t that weird? So is being aggressive towards someone who doesn’t use the gear you use.

Let me make a point here: if you are capable of capturing an awesome image, it doesn’t matter what gear you use. Have you ever seen a caption under an exhibition photo “Amazing Sunset. Captured with Canon 5D Mark iv”? Neither have I. Because such caption is nothing but a show-off. It’s just the “Amazing Sunset” part that matters, nothing else.

I personally shoot with a Canon, but not because it’s better than Nikon. About a decade and a half ago my Nikon DSLR unfixably (can we say that?) broke and I converted to Canon by a pure accident. The Nikon model I wanted was not in stock and I had a photoshoot coming. So, I grabbed a Canon. They are both amazing brands. Both have some things that are a little better than those of competitor’s, but it doesn’t matter. Just get used to the settings and be awesome!

I could easily go back to Nikon if need be. It’s not the DSLR brand, it’s you behind your photos.

If you are in photo business and can afford a Hassleblad – sure, go for it. Yes, the images will be printable on larger canvas without losing their quality. But they need to be captured first. Bad composition is not something that can be saved by a camera brand. Get your skill up, even using your mobile phone and you’ll be amazing with any camera, regardless the brand.

I hope that some of this has touched your mind and you will focus on taking great photos, instead of bragging about someone else’s gear.

As always, leave your thoughts in comments. And be awesome!

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