Photography post-processing automation

After you got comfortable with your camera, you may find yourself spending more time on post-processing than on actual shooting. If you haven’t quite caught the right exposure due to your camera monitor being a bit too light or too dark, correcting these photos in Lightroom one by one will be painful. This is where Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions come in to play.

We highly recommend saving a few of your most commonly used settings sets as presets in Lightroom. It will be a huge time saver. Photoshop actions are a bit more sophisticated but they also allow applying more complex edits in a batch. For example you could add your watermark to all images in a specific folder with a click of a button.

Lightroom presets are widely used to achieve results like vintage-style photos, adding vignette or some interesting light effects. Any set of settings can be saved as a preset and applied to an individual photo or to a whole folder.

We are working on compiling a set of Lightroom presets and another set of Photoshop actions that we will be giving to all our readers absolutely for free, so you can play around with them to better understand the power that they give you as a photographer. Stay tuned!

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