Flower Photography

Flower and plants photography is another interesting area that pays the photographer’s effort back with awesome images. There are a few reasons why beginners should look into this type of photography. Firstly, your model is static, which makes the trial and error process easy. You can spend as much time circling around one flower trying your exposures, DOF and focal points as you may wish. You don’t need a whole lot of side equipment unless you’re after some very special photos (like time-lapse). Plants can pretty much be shot with your camera handheld. And last but not least – flower photographs sell good on stock sites and as prints. There are millions already available and it’s never enough.

So, what do you need to try yourself in flower photography? Sure, first of all you need flowers. And our advice here would be – don’t buy a few roses to try catch a bunch of shots before they wilted. Go to the nearest botanic gardens. You will get in for free or pay a very small fee but the number of unique, live plants that are being cared after is mind-blowing. It’s absolutely legal to photograph in botanic gardens, so you can wander around until your camera battery goes low.

Some more things to consider:

  1. Pay attention to the season, make sure that flowers that you want to shoot bloom now. You can give botanic gardens a call asking if they are – it’s perfectly fine.
  2. If you plan to go inside the tropic plants room, don’t stay there too long – shoot and walk out. You don’t want water to condensate inside your lens or camera body, and these rooms are highly humid.
  3. Don’t bother taking a tripod unless you are shooting time-lapse.
  4. When shooting a flower make sure that you take a photo of its full name (badges are next to them). So you don’t have to google them all when back home if you plan to sell your photos. Shoot the badge first and the flower right after – it will be easier to recognise.
  5. Take an umbrella with you. Not to hide from rain – to shoot flowers being hit by water droplets. Some of these images are so great that they make people staring at them for a while.

Flower photography is an awesome way to get more confident with your camera settings and master your composition skills. And it will pay back with your images selling here and there as well as will definitely bring you some extra Instagram followers. As always feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in comments below, and happy shooting!


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