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In this post we will share a few thoughts about equipment that you may need as a photographer. Once you have bought a DSLR you may notice that there is a whole lot of equipment offered for it. Way more than there was for your point-and-shoot camera. There is a whole industry based on just side-stuff for photographers.

Those pieces of gear are must-have for one type of photographers and are not that useful for another. But some of them are essential for everyone. And the first one is a camera bag. You didn’t really needed one for your small point-and-shoot camera, but your DSLR you have to keep and carry in a proper bag.

Leaving convenience aside there is another reason to get a camera bag as soon as you can. It is your DSLR safety. Because the last thing you want is to get it accidentally damaged by hitting some obstacle on the street, or getting it wet in even a small rain.

Camera bags sometimes even look exactly the same as any other messenger bag, however, the difference is inside. These special bags normally have some water repellent coating on the outside as well as a rain cover. Padded inside protects your camera from minor impacts. Also these bags have space for your other stuff.

The question is which bag to get? There are so many of so different sizes! Well, yes the choice is wide and you are limited only by two things – your budget and the size of the bag you are willing to carry.

All the guys involved here at Shutterblog live by the two-bag rule. And it’s dictated mostly by the bag size. So, one bag is for a day photowalk in town or around. It’s small and only holds a DSLR with an attached lens and maybe some snacks for a day. Second bag is a backpack that can hold a DSLR, an extra lens, a flash, personal stuff for a few days and is still within the aircraft hand luggage size limits. Always carry your DSLR in your hand luggage when you fly. Also backpack to be used if you go for a hike, riding a mountain bike or a motorcycle. Some of our guys are.

You can trust us on this – if carrying a camera is causing inconvenience, then after a while your brain will make up excuses to leave it at home. And some epic shots won’t be taken. By spending some extra money on a second bag you will buy yourself quite a lot of comfort, you won’t have to drag a backpack everywhere you go. And your DSLR will be always safe and within reach.

Happy shooting!

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