Adobe Lightroom Book Module

Lightroom Book module is one of the less used modules in the software. The reason is most likely that it’s some kind of a “secondary” function, which is not related to image editing process directly. And as people mostly install Lightroom for photo post-processing purposes, this module is rarely used. However, let’s take a closer look at it and maybe some of you will benefit from this module at some point in the future.

Book module basically allows you to create a printable book using images from your Lightroom photo collections. Lightroom uses Blurb photo printing services to print and deliver your books. You may also choose to save a book in PDF or JPEG formats.

Some of you may be familiar with Adobe InDesign software – Lightroom Book module is kind of simplified version of InDesign. It’s less flexible but is a bit simpler to use.

If you choose Blurb when creating your book, you will see an estimated price of it right away, which is very handy.


Lightroom Book module ships with a number of layout presets that can be customized to meet your personal needs.

On the left hand side you have the currently selected page preview and your collections panel.

All the book settings panels are located on the right hand side of the Lightroom Book module main window.


Here you can switch between publishing options and layouts. As well as set fonts, size, cover and choose paper type.

If you have chosen Blurb as your publishing option, book price will be visible to you and will change as you make adjustments to the actual book.

Once you have all your images and text in place you have to click the Send Book to Blurb button on the bottom of the settings panel. The book then will be printed and sent to you using parcel services listed on the Blurb website.

At this point Blurb is the only built-in Lightroom Book publishing service. However, if you have chosen to save your book in PDF or JPEG format, you will be able to print it using any other service that offers processing of these files.

Adobe Lightroom Book module workflow if very straight forward – all the necessary settings are located in one place and have descriptive names. This really makes this module very user-friendly.

We decided not to go into very detail in this article. However, if you would like us to publish a more detailed book creating tutorial, feel free to drop us a suggestion email and we will gladly do that for you. Meanwhile have fun exploring the Lightroom!

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